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Used Auto Bearing 22228c 140X250X68 Spherical Roller Bearing

Port: Qingdao, China 
Production Capacity: 50000
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Rolling Body: Roller Bearings
The Number of Rows: Double
Outer Dimension: Small and Medium-Sized (60-115mm)
Material: Bearing Steel
Spherical: Aligning Bearings
Load Direction: Thrust Bearing

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Spherical Roller Bearing
): Able to accommodate misalignment
2): Suitable for high axial and some radial loads
3): Relatively high speed ratings
4): type : YM (CA,CAM,EAS ) ,YMB ,MB,CJ(CC CD RH) ,E (E1)
5): Application examples: Heavy vertical shafts, injection moulding machines, etc.

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dDBrs minCreY1Y2CorY0greaseoildesignationweight
4090231.5990.262.63.91202.64500600021308 C0.71
4090231.5991204500600021308 CA
4090231.5990.262.63.91202.64500600021308 CK0.7
4090231.5990.262.63.91202.64500600021308 CK W330.7
45100251.51200.262.63.91352.64000530021309 C0.95
45100251.51201354000530021309 CA
45100251.51200.262.63.91352.64000530021309 CK0.94
45100251.51200.262.63.91352.64000530021309 CK W330.94
501102721200.242.84.11302.73600480021310 C1.25
501102721201303600480021310 CA
501102721200.242.84.11302.73600480021310 CK1.2
501102721200.242.84.11302.73600480021310 CK W331.2
551202921350.242.84.11552.73200430021311 C1.65
551202921351553200430021311 CA
551202921350.242.84.11552.73200430021311 CK1.6
60130312.11500.242.94.31802.83000400021312 C1.95
60130312.11501803000400021312 CA
60130312.11500.242.94.31802.83000400021312 CK1.9
65140332.12201.242.84.22902.82800380021313 C2.45
65140332.12202902800380021313 C A
65140332.12200.242.84.22902.82800380021313 CK2.4
70150352.12500.232.94.43102.92600340021314 C
70150352.12503102600340021314 CA4.35
70150352.12500.232.94.43102.92600340021314 CK3
75160372.12800.232.94.43602.92400320021315 C W33
75160372.12800.232.94.43602.92400320021315 CK W333.5
80170392.13100.232.94.44002.92200300021316 C W334.25
80170392.13104002200300021316 CA
80170392.13100.232.94.44002.92200300021316 CK W334.2
851804133500.2234.54502.92200280021317 C5.1
851804133504502200280021317 CA
851804133500.2234.54502.92200280021317 CK5
901904333850.2234.55102.92200280021318 C5.8
901904333855102200280021318 CA
901904333850.2234.55102.92200280021318 CK5.7
952004534200.2234.558032000260021319 CA7.43
952004533850.223.14.653031800240021319 MB7.15
952004533850.223.14.653031800240021319 MBK7
1002154734600.223.14.76403.11800240021320 CA9.07
1002154734250.223.14.75803.11700220021320 MB8.8
1002154734250.223.14.75803.11700220021320 MBK8.3
1102406982.15706901200160021322 CA
1102405035100.213.24.86903.21500200021322 MBK11.7
Used Auto Bearing 22228c 140X250X68 Spherical Roller Bearing




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